Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I will never forget you...

4 years ago today, I lost a very special lady. Beryl Adelaide Mathers.
My Nan.

Her choices brought my Anglo Indian family from Secunderabad in India to the UK in search of a better, and safer life. She married Ken, a Yorkshire man and engineer in the Merchant Navy. 
She was a nurse during the war and drove an ambulance for the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service for India. She had 4 children and loved brightly coloured flowers and clothes, sparkles, cooking, birds singing, sunshine, gardening and possessed a wicked sense of humor. 
No one's curry was as good as hers and every ones plants, no matter where they were, were ripe for pinching a cutting from.... 
Alzheimer's took her mind long before her body, but she was still Nan... Mum.. 

I thank the Goddess that she managed to hold my babies in her arms before she left. Fae was born on her birthday and is a joyous reminder of a wonderful woman. 

I love you Nan... Miss you ♥

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