Saturday, 6 October 2012


Next week, on the 13th October 2012, we see another PMS Awareness Week in the UK.

It is run by NAPS - The National Association of Pre Menstrual Syndrome.  Many women end up on their site looking for information, and they have a great team of people behind them, including PMDD specialists.  You can find them at  They are a small charity and rely on others helping to raise awareness and organise events.

If you would like to join in with the event, please follow this link .  Even if you don't live in the UK, you can participate by making this the week that you talk to someone about your PMDD.  Raise awareness in whatever small way you can.  If you really want to organise an event and try and raise some cash for NAPS or just awareness, then go for it!  give them a call and see what promotional material you can get.

It was PMS Awareness Week two years ago that got the ball rolling.  I wrote to the local paper and asked if they were covering anything for PMS week and if they would like to hear my story.

I didn't hear back for a couple of months, and PMS Week was firmly in the past, but they did contact me, and I bravely/madly/insanely told my story to the local paper.  It was that story that led me to start the PMDD Support groups, that now stand at 4 groups on Facebook.

Last year, I created a small image to be passed around on Facebook to raise awareness, and this year, I was asked to do the same again.

If you are on Facebook, please follow this link to share the images.. and don't forget to give my page a LIKE while you are there!

I ended up creating a couple of more informative posters too, as it's been something I'd thought about doing a while ago (and the whim took me!).  Feel free to use and share, just please keep my copyright and web address on them...  I may not make any money from the work I do, but I spend a lot of time creating these things!

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