Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Introducing Emma, Michelle, Amanda and The PMDD Project

Emma is active in helping to raise awareness of PMDD and has been brave enough to start creating vlogs about her experiences with PMDD.  She recently featured in her local newspaper in Sussex County NJ Herald sharing her story and plans to start a local PMDD group.  Emma also runs a support group on Facebook called PMDD Survivors.

Click below to watch the first in the series.

Michelle has been writing about her PMDD for a while now, and has been a trusted friend of mine for a while. She writes with humour and honesty over at her blog and has also started creating video blogs as part of the PMDD project. Visit her Facebook page here

Amanda is the founder of Flurt! magazine and creator of The PMDD Project.  She has worked really hard to raise awareness of PMDD and feminist issues in Canada.  Amanda plans to use the videos created as part of The PMDD Project to create a documentary about PMDD.  To find out more, watch the vlog below or visit the YouTube page.  Find The PMDD Project on Facebook.

It's so wonderful to see more women step forward and help raise awareness... It's not easy putting yourself out there, as I know only too well, so every women brave enough to tell their story in an attempt to help others deserves a round of applause in my book! Maybe one day I might be brave enough to talk to a camera! until then go and give these lovely ladies a visit... and remember to say hi!

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