Thursday, 29 October 2009

Recovery from PMDD

I wish this was about me... maybe one day, but I just had to start by directing you to a fellow ex-sufferer's website.

Donna has been on national television and newspapers talking about PMDD. It is her story that has made me start making enquiries about trying out hormone treatments for my PMDD.

Currently I have a Mirena coil (IUD) to try and stabilize the cramps and bleeding. It seems to be working ok on the physical stuff, but my moods are still terrible.
I have 2 weeks to wait till I can get my first Zoladex injection, which will put me into a temporary menopause for a month. I need 3 months worth to see if it will really have any effect.

So now i'm facing the menopause. With the injections and then, if successful, a full hysterectomy. I'm 32.

Needless to say that this revelation is a very sharp double edged sword, and my head is in a spin. It should be a forgone conclusion. I want this nightmare to end. BUT what if... what if the symptoms of menopause are just as bad? what if I have the injection and nothing changes and it's not PMDD? what if i have it and end up a dangerous mental wreck?

I've had a bad day today, and i'm just so tired..

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