Some days, I can get into a piece of work, that perfectly resembles how I'm feeling.  Sometimes I get a definate idea, sometimes, I just go for it, out of sheer frustration.  I share these works here, as a visual representation of the emotions I go through on a regular basis.  2010, has proved an unproductive year compared to those past, but so long as something get's created, I dont mind.

Drawing, painting, pastels or paints, all help me to get through the bad times, or to express the good.  You will find more of my art at  

To find out more about how art can help your PMDD please go HERE...

The Red Lotus - Feb 2011
28 Days... 2010
The Wall   2010
Lady in red   2009

Scream  2009
Feelin Blue   2007
Release    2007
Anger    2007
The Hole   2006

Attacked    2006
Self Portrait   2004

Hatred    2004

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