Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Spirituality and PMDD

I am a very spiritual person, although not in the conventional sense. In my early teens I was contacting spirits and reading Tarot cards, by 18 I was learning about paganism and the Goddess religions. I followed my path which took me to The Craft, and became a member of a coven. I have never renounced a Christian God, or any other deity from anywhere in the world, and I find myself now following an eclectic mix of beliefs from many places. In my view, God, Goddess, Allah, Shiva, are all names for the same thing, The Universal energies that surround us.
I became an Aromatherapist, and started using my healing abilities in my early 20's, and ever since I have learned about crystals, chakras, colours, sound, and creation as ways to heal ourselves.  I am currently studying Reflexology, Colour Therapy and Chakra Healing.

All of this however has not cured me of symptoms (neither has conventional medicine), but I can say, it has and is still helping me to find my own way of living with it, and I am now finding more of an understanding of myself, how I work and why I am like this. I must point out that I did 'leave' all my spiritual ideas behind for a while, disconnected, tried living without them, and all it did was make me worse. I have learned a valuable lesson, and am now jumping in with 2 feet on the holistic/spiritual front.  It feel SO right, and although i'm just feeling my way through, things are starting to make some sense.
I'm not saying that looking at the spiritual aspect will heal all, the same way as popping a pill wont solve everything, but I do think that there is something underlying all this, deep within my soul.  Treatment HAS to be holistic.
There are a few others who have opnions on this, and I have included the links to thier sites here.
Dragonfly Psychic - A personal opnion on PMS
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Owning Pink - An Australian site about menstruation - A lovely resource!
Lorraine Pintus - Christian view of God, PMS and how to cope.
Journal of Psychology and Theology - An excerpt about a study that looks at a womans spiritual well-being along with her illness. 
AwarenessMag - Nancy Brady's Article on Creativity, Intuition and PMS
Do you use Spirituality to help cope with PMDD?
Do you have rituals or routines that relate to your Spirituality and coping with PMDD?
Do you pray to a God/Goddess for help? Have you ever received any help?
Any thoughts on Chakras and colours?

I'm just throwing this out there, as I'd love to know what others think about it!


Kristina said...

Yes! I think spirituality helps me more than anything else in my PMDD toolbox. I am a Buddhist and a Pagan, so I am also not conventional, at least in my own country. What my Buddhism does is gives me tools like meditation to cope. It also teaches me to stay in the moment, stay unattached to my feelings/earthly desires and view my own ego as equal eith all other egos I come in contact with. My Pagan side gives me a framework within which to view my cycle within nature's many cycles. The phases of the moon, the seasons, day/night, and the path of Innana journeying to the underworld and back up to our earthly plane all keep me grounded during the rough times and helps me with metaphor to understand my disease's cycle and how to be during the various phases. All this plus medication has served in treating me holistically, and I no longer yell at my family members, though I still get anxious, withdrawn and such (though not as much as before meds, thankfully). The bottom line is that I have a container to put my feelings in during the rough days, so it doesn't control me.

Cat said...

We are very similar Kristina! They are all the things that help me also now. When I wrote this 2 years ago, I was on the brink of the penny dropping.. now life is so much better. Thanks for your comment, it's good to know the same things have helped others! x

Jenn said...

Yes, I definitely agree that spirituality has helped me and my PMDD symptoms and mood disorder. Kristina, I am a Buddhist too and also have a background in paganism, so I refer to both to deal with the challenges of life and of moods. This "problem" we face needs to be addressed on so many levels, holistically. We each have conditioning from our past, our family of origin, our childhood, what society/culture teaches us and brain chemistry, hormones and genetics. Being a woman is complex! Meds are part of the answer as is spirituality, but not the whole answer.

Michelle said...

I tend to think that those who suffer or struggle seek out the Divine within before those that have an easy life. I have also become completely eclectic in my spiritual ways over the years because each has given me different tools with which to cope with different symptoms. I started with traditional Christian church as a kid and was encouraged to attend the worship of my friends at their churches. I went to a Ba'hai Temple when I was 10 and it pushed me to search even further. Paganism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Atheism, Wicca, Western Mysteries, Kabala, etc. It's a long quest but worth it! I am now in a place that I would consider the best I have been since I was 14 and that focus and path has helped me get here. Thank you Cat for gently reminding people how important being in touch with self and Divine is for each of us!

Leena said...

My spirituality definitely helps me when it comes to PMDD. I am a Christian - and a full-time church children/youth/family minister, at that. When it comes to my moments of frustration and sadness and loneliness and pain and etc I am able to kneel before my God creator and simply trust that I am made whole in the image of God. That I am loved deeply and created beautiful... in all my ugliness and pain and imperfections and sinful actions towards family, friends, and coworkers. Forgiveness is a key component in Christianity - Jesus died and rose to forgive our sins - and I am able to apologize and ask forgiveness of others --- or forgive myself because sometimes I have the greatest expectations on myself. There is a scripture that Christ came that we might have peace, not peace that the world brings, but a much deeper peace of Shalom --- it definitely believe there is a holistic piece to our healing and coming to terms with how PMDD affects our lives and the lives of others around us. Shalom is a wholeness of all parts of us inside and out.
I think there are some Christians who might wonder why God has punished them with this ailment or want God to bring mercy and miracles. In my heart I don't think that God does this to our bodies - healing is possible, but this is not a punishment. It is merely a part of being human - hard things happen to us one way or another - and regardless what happens we are called to turn to God with a trust that we don't have to be in control all the time. Trust that good things - peace - shalom - wholeness - can still come out of this annoying PMDD. So that is where spiritually helps me with my PMDD. I hope this makes sense.

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