Thursday, 13 June 2013

**Participants required for a UK PMDD study**

Jenna Hardie is currently undertaking a study looking into the effects of PMDD in the workplace. She would like to hear from women who have been diagnosed with PMDD and have experience of a workplace environment.
It consists of an 1 hour interview either done over Skype or telephone so it does not involve you leaving your home. There is no reimbursement for taking part but it is a chance for women to tell their stories of how living and working with PMDD has affected their every day lives.

The study has received full ethical approval from Northumbria University in Newcastle.

A message from Jenna:
I understand that PMDD is a very emotional an stressful disorder but would really appreciate if anyone would like to help me out. There is also a chance that this study will get published and hopefully people will start learning more about what you ladies go through each month. If anyone is interested please email me on
If you are interested and would like more information, please email Jenna at

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