Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Year

Christmas was actually pretty good.  Simple, quiet and over quickly!
The girls had a great time, and I am just relieved it came and went without any upset or trauma.

Life has become very busy recently, so apologies for not getting here as often as I'd like.  I've also fallen prey to the dreaded lurgy... I'm hoping to start feeling better soon!

I have a couple of guides I am writing, which I will share with you soon.  I had a flash of inspiration over Christmas and have an urge to write, so the next thing is finding the time.

The energies of the New moon eclipse (Jan 4th)  this week have been pretty heavy.  I've felt things shift since yesterday.  My head is clearer and I feel like I have a bit more energy.  I'm still focused on 2011's goals, and nothing, but nothing, is gonna stop me from getting where I'm going!


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