Tuesday, 11 January 2011

PMDD Support on Facebook

I now run a PMDD Support group on Facebook.  Lots of people have Facebook, for all it's sins... but it can provide a real time space for support and friendship.

If you would like to join in the conversation, meet other suffers, and get support when you need it, feel free to request membership.

As with all forums, especially one that contains lots of women with PMDD, it can get heated, or things can erupt from nothing.  I simply ask that we all treat each other with respect, observe our cultural differences, and try and stay calm.  Coming on with a rant about your life and the outside world is one thing, but outbursts towards other members is not allowed.  None of us are experts, but we all have a personal story to tell, and we all have a common goal, to live a relatively full life while battling with PMDD.

As sufferers we can relate and understand.  As some of us slip into the black cloud, there will be others online who are standing there with lights helping us through.  Then when their time comes to feel the pressure, we can be there for them.

You have to be logged into Facebook to see the page, and as it is a private group, you will need to request membership.  This will be granted within 24 hours.  The group also has a chat facility, which is an excellent way to get help or just chat the evening away.
You can find the group HERE.

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