Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Living Life

It's Summer, so I find myself spending more time outside whenever possible and less time in front of the computer.. that and my laptop went for a spin off the coffee table courtesy of my dog, Ember.  I am now on a borrowed laptop that is only good for surfing!

It's halted my writing and design work, which has meant lots of time for thinking, planning and taking care of home and family business.

My partner and I are back together.  I didn't see it coming, and had no idea it would happen, but it did, and I am very happy.  Life seems pretty good again, despite to constant niggles that PMDD brings.  I feel blessed to be able to call them niggles at the moment.  Physically, I am a mess!  Constant cramps, backache, leg pain.. but mentally, I feel pretty stable.  I put that down to lots of sunshine!  and there is where I feel blessed.. physical pain is pretty bearable, compared to the emotional and mental agony that my hormones bring with them.

The PMDD Support group on Facebook has now reached maximum capacity, that is, maximum capacity for a workable, readable group.  This has meant that I have opened a new 'room' to allow new members to join and create another small, private support group.  If you have PMDD, and would like to talk to other sufferers, on Facebook, real time support, please request membership using the link below:


I hope to catch up with the articles I have promised you, the essential oil guides, and general chit chat.. but right now, I have one daughters birthday down.. and one to go.  July is a busy month for my family!

My garden is looking lovely and I am spending lots of time out there... I have lots of pictures, but I'll share one of my favorites..

Sometimes, it is really nice to leave the computer and get outside.. I walked 4 miles today, in glorious sunshine!  Feels good :)

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