Tuesday, 19 July 2011

PMDD in the news

A new story hit the papers today, about a 41 year old woman from London called Kirsty.

The women told they're mentally ill when they are really crippled by period pain

Kirsty Baranowski stood in the middle of the road hammering on a taxi driver’s windscreen. She was incandescent with rage because he’d suddenly pulled out in front of her.

The outburst was completely out of character, but for 20 years she had been battling with violent mood swings in the run-up to her period.

‘Normally, I was mild mannered,’ says Kirsty, 41, who lives in Southfields, South-West London, with her children, Alexander, ten, and Sophia, nine.

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Other articles that have been in the papers are:

Donna from Scotland, who's story in 2009 led me back into researching and trying out GHRH injections.. She is still an inspiration, and I hear she is doing really well!

Elizabeth Freundel's story back in 2007:


Anonymous said...

I totally respect Kirsty's treatment decision, but feel sad it had to be such a drastic one.

Hysterectomy is a major procedure in itself, and apart from rendering you infertile, and removing a fundamental female organ, in a younger woman will require going on HRT until the natural menopause age (around 52).

All a lot to content with.

Just goes to show how desperate and worn downn women become after years and years of symptoms.

Cat said...

I have been on the path to a hysterectomy myself, but I reacted badly to the drugs... I'm not ruling it out though, and I would consider it again in the future.

PMDD robs you of your life... I know many that have had the operation, and I only hear good things...
If your not on HRT, then it would be on SSRI's or 'muddling through' with symptoms every single day.

Very personal choice and decision, I would find it easier as I have had kids, but I can't imagine how you can make a decision like that if you've never had a child....

Desperate and worn down definately!... I have over 100 ladies in my support groups who chat daily, just trying to get through the day or night...

I just wish the medical profession would start acting and develop guidelines or alternative treatments.

A life with PMDD is not much of a life at all.

Thanks for reading! I signed up for email notification on your blog and have added you to my links list xx

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