Monday, 30 January 2012

Recognition from Nick Panay and NAPS

I recieved an email  today from Jackie Howe, the CEO of NAPS (The National Association of Pre-menstrual Syndrome) who has passed on the details of the 'Write to your MP' blog in a bulletin to all it's members.

To my surprise and delight, I have even been given personal recognition from Nick Panay... He wrote..

"Our thanks to Cat for her excellent initiative. It’s now up to all of us individually to ensure that we make a difference and ensure proper recognition of PMDD."

Nick Panay, NAPS Chairman and member of the ISPMD Panel (International Society for Premenstrual Disorders) working on the consensus, commented, “The work pioneered by Cat Stone is excellent as it will increase the head of pressure for the change we are hoping to implement through the ISPMD group.”

I am SO chuffed I feel like crying!! Wow... Just wow....

To read the full bulletin, please go here

So please.. if you were doubting or trying to decide if it's worth writing to your MP then don't!
It REALLY will make a difference, and the more ladies who write, the more pressure will be put on the WHO to listen to our needs.  To have such an expert backing the cause is so reassuring.  There is weight here, there are people in power and The Chairman of NAPS, Nick Panay, is supporting us all the way!


To find out how to get involved, please read my previous blog

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