Friday, 3 February 2012

Websites to recognise PMDD

Along with the 'Write to your MP' campaign, which has now had personal recognition from Nick Panay, the chairman of NAPS (National Association for Pre Menstrual Syndrome) and member of the ISPMD (International Society of Pre Menstrual Disorders) I have been working hard at trying to get other organisations to include PMDD information on their websites.

After browsing many mental health websites I have found there to be a distinct lack of any mention of PMS or PMDD.  I have been in touch with Mind, the biggest mental health charity in England and Wales, and just before Christmas 2011, they published a blog I wrote about PMDD.
I am still working on getting them to include PMDD in their list of popular topics.  If you feel you would like to help put the pressure on Mind to list this disorder, please email them at info@mind.orgThe more people who question why they do not include this information will hopefully lead to them including this disorder on their website and maybe even a printed information leaflet.

In early January,  my case study was finally added to the Wellbeing of Women Website.  Wellbeing of Women is a research charity, specialising in Women's health and research.  I found their website back in November 2011 and clicked on the PMS link, only to find no information.  I offered my story as a case study, and it finally went live a few weeks ago.  You can find my story, with an expert review of PMDD by Nick Panay here - .

I also contacted the Mental Health Foundation, asking why they did not include PMDD on their website.  The Mental Heath Foundation are a leading charity involved in all aspects of mental health care, research and service improvement.  Again, I was asked if I would be a case study for them, so they could include PMDD on their website.  Funnily enough, they had already received another email from a lady with PMDD that very same week, and so have decided to create a dedicated page to PMDD to help visitors to their site learn more about PMDD and find support and help.  This should be up online very soon.  I will keep you posted as soon as I hear from them that it has gone live.

This means that ladies seeking information on PMDD will now be able to consult some of the larger organisations websites and not feel like their disorder is missed out or doesn't exist.  I feel one of the MOST important websites to include this information is Mind, and I will continue to write to them until they include it.  As I mentioned before, if anyone else would like to email them to make them aware of how much this is needed, please do so by writing to

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