Sunday, 26 February 2012

Cycle Awareness Basics - Spring

Pre ovulation – Springtime – Early morning – Waxing Moon – Direction East - Maiden Phase – Birth to Teen - Growing Energy

This is when the fog of our period lifts and our light and energy returns. Many of us (PMDD sufferers) may call this 'one of our good weeks'.  

We feel like ourselves again, we have more energy, we want to get on with life again.

There is an innocence about this time, and it is a time we should spend nurturing our ideas and making plans. New shoots are growing, life is returning to the earth, and you.

If you didn't have a good bleed, if you didn't take it easy and look after your needs, you may come into this phase stressed out.

If you bled badly and had any major stress or trauma, this can last a while as it interrupts the connection to the natural flow....

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