Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Mind! here we come! and NEW NAPS FORUM!

After my third attempt at trying to get through to Mind, the mental health charity regarding the inclusion of PMDD on their website, I finally wrote again, making it quite clear I wasn't happy.  This time I got a reply.  I have to write a proposal form so it can be taken into consideration at the next meeting which is in February 2013.

I passed the information on to Jackie Howe from NAPS as I felt a little out of my depth.  I believe we are now going to be working on this together, as I saw this on their website today!

Cat Hawkin’s has been working very hard to create greater awareness of severe PMS/PMDD and has been a major campaigner to gain acceptance by the WHO of PMMD in their International Classification of diseases. She has received notification that she can now make a proposal to MIND, the mental health charity, for a web page ,called Understanding PMDD.NAPS will be taking forward this proposal with Cat. Many women.... read more..
Feeling pretty good about this!  Let's hope we get the recognition we need.  The more people who learn about PMDD, the more the demand for research and development of better treatments.. which in turn leads to a better general understanding of PMDD and an easier journey to healing and management of symptoms.

In other news...

NAPS have re opened their forum!  It's free to join and was always a hive of conversation.  Pop on over there and sign up!  While you are there, take a look at their membership.  You can get access to specialists and advice.  NAPS is the only charity working for PMS and PMDD, every member helps them to do more work and raise more awareness...

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