Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Long summer...

So it's been a while since I've written.. Life stuff, and awesome summer weather took me away from the computer.  I've been painting and studying, completing my PTTLS certificate (for adult and post 16 teaching) and am currently studying to become a meditation teacher.

Real life, positive things, visions of the future... PLUS the meditation really helps... I mean.. REALLY helps.

This year has been challenging as well as productive, and I have just come out of a big breakdown.  I'm sure this is triggered by the change in season...  I'm feeling a bit better, and I might share the drama's of last week at some point, but right now I'm just trying to forget it.  Pick myself up, brush myself off and get on.

Just today, one of my lovely support group members let me know that she has nominated me for a WEGO Health Activist award... Thank you! This is the lovely message I received today...

"I admire Cat Hawkins immensely. She has strength, courage, creativity and the kindness and caring in abundance. That she should to give all of us a safe haven is beyond belief, when we all know that she suffers in the same way we do. In nominating her, I just want to show my gratitude and appreciation. In times of extreme need it is her groups that I turn to first. If you feel the same then please also take some time out of your day to nominate Cat."

I'm honoured... especially as the groups were started to fill a desperate need of my own to meet other sufferers, and my blog was simply a place to offload and share information, and even more so as my participation and blog writing has taken a back seat this year. I'm glad that what is out there is still helping, but the groups couldn't continue without help from admins and the amazing support each member gives to one another... So thank you too! to the women who continue to use the group and help others, and the ladies who help me keep things ticking over! ♥

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